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Shubi's Features

The perfect

We built our technology in a way that any photo or video you'll be uploading will be matched perfectly to the animation - including shape, movement, and even shading.


Not only can you upload any picture you want or every video you’ve ever filmed, You can even choose from various fonts!

No cloud

Shubidilay offers you the ultimate privacy, by processing the videos on your phone, Without transferring any data through a remote server.

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"The coolest party invitations I could ever come up with, and in no-time!”

Joe's Halloween Party

"Since we live in different states, I had to look for a creative way to wish him a happy birthday. Loved the Shubidilay solution!”

Chris’s nephew’s birthday

"Every week I'm sending an “i love u” text message to my mom. This time I used one of Shubidilay's animation instead, and she loved it!”

“Love you Mummy” by Jenny

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